Shay Mitchell's Shared Her Birth Experience & It's So Intense (VIDEO)

We can't wait to find out her daughter's name!
Shay Mitchell Gives Birth To Daughter

If you have a wicked case of baby fever but you're not quite ready to start popping out children of your own yet, you can always live vicariously through the lives of your closest friends, or even your favourite celebrities. Having a baby is a major commitment, and as cute as they might be, they're also a huge responsibility, and being labour is seriously intense, as you'll soon see. One celebrity couple that's been excited to share their experience with pregnancy is Shay Mitchell and Matte Babel, and they were even kind enough to go as far as sharing the labour experience as well! Shay Mitchell gives birth to daughter and shares the intense experience with fans (VIDEO).

Mitchell managed to shock us once with her surprise pregnancy announcement, but the Canadian actress also managed to avoid paparazzi and make it to the hospital to deliver her new baby girl in total secrecy as well. When her daughter finally arrived, Mitchell took to Instagram to post an adorable photo of the baby's hand. Without even seeing her face, the world has already fallen in love with the baby.

It's pretty common for celebrities to wait out on sharing the name of their newborn for at least a couple days, and Mitchell and Babel are doing just that. The pair has yet to announce many details about their daughter, other than the fact that she's healthy, and they're very happy.

If you're a big fan of Mitchell, you may have been keeping up with her YouTube series Almost Ready, which has been documenting her various adventures throughout her pregnancy. Some videos included her hilarious baby shower, and her making her boyfriend wear a fake pregnancy belly so he might have some idea of what she's going through.

The most recent episode of Almost Ready was released yesterday, October 21, and gave fans an insiders sneak peek at Mitchell's labour and delivery. The actress starts out the episode by telling the audience that her water just broke, and shortly after she heads to the hospital because she was worried about not having felt the baby for some time.

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When she makes it to the hospital, Mitchell finds out that she's still in early labour, and is going to be waiting a while before she meets her little girl. After several hours of waiting, she opts to take Piticon to speed up the process, and even later, opts for an epidural because the long labour is taking a serious toll on her body.

After over 30 hours of labour, Mitchell and Babel finally welcomed their highly anticipated little girl into the world, and from the sounds of it, they couldn't be happier. Hopefully, they share more details about her soon!

You can watch the full episode of Almost Ready below.

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