We're all obsessed with boba, but more importantly, we now know that Shay Mitchell is also obsessed with the Taiwanese delicacy. We also learned that Shay Mitchell took a trip back to her roots this weekend when she was spotted at a Boba hotspot in her hometown. Shay Mitchell is in Toronto right now!

She posted an Instagram story of herself at a boba shop called I Heart Boba. She also tagged the location, Mississauga Ontario, which is twenty minutes outside of Toronto and where the Pretty Little Liars alumni was born! 

The popular boba spot is rated 5 stars so we would expect nothing less for queen Shay. 

We can't help but wonder what our favourite Canadian is doing all the way in Toronto. Possibly visiting her parents? Or working on something new? All we know is that we're glad she's free to travel and post on social media without being worried about the public finding out she's pregnant. 

Shay recently opened up about how hard it was to keep her secret from the world for so long. Now she's back to posting iconic photos on Instagram and showing off her baby bump during her iconic travels. 

If you want to check out the boba hot spot Shay was at, click here. They have 9 locations across the globe!