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Shay Mitchell Was Spotted For The First Time Since Announcing Her Pregnancy And She Looks Stunning

It's been exactly six days since Shay Mitchell shook us to our core with her baby news. She announced her pregnancy last Friday with a Youtube video showing the ups and downs of her journey. The video ended with behind the scenes moments of her maternity photo shoot and she looked STUNNING. Shay Mitchell was spotted for the first time since her pregnancy announcement and she looks absolutely amazing.

She posted a photo with her friend, creative director Alex Merrell, posing on a beach in Italy! In fact, it seems like Shay ditched Hollywood as soon as her announcement was out. Who can blame her? The internet was freaking out! 

She jokingly captioned the photo's "This is my new sucking in...😜" and "B E A C H E D."

Fans are even stunned at how beautiful she looks in her new Insta photo's and have taken to Twitter to talk about it! 

If you watched Shay's pregnancy announcement video, you know how much she deserves this girls vacation. She suffered a lot with loneliness and body image issues in the earlier months. She did say she'd be posting more on Youtube now, so maybe we'll even get an Italy vlog! 

Shay has also been asking fans whether they think it's a boy or a girl, so that means we'll probably get a gender reveal soon! You can watch her pregnancy reveal below.

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