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Shay Mitchell Threw A "Not Your Average Baby Shower" & It Was Actually Hilarious

Right from the start, Shay Mitchell's pregnancy has been anything but conventional. She hid her pregnancy from the world until she was about six months in and released a tell-all YouTube video that started her entire pregnancy series. Her gender reveal was also extremely bizarre. A blue and pink Power Ranger fought in her pool until the pink one "won" and announced she was having a girl. It just makes sense that her baby shower would be far from traditional. Shay Mitchell's baby shower was at a Magic Mike show. 

She starts off her newest YouTube video showing us around her house where she's decorated it as a traditional baby shower with flowers, cupcakes, and pink streamers covering her living room. A few seconds later, the scene transitions into Mitchell climbing the stairs to a private booth (decorated again in classic baby shower decor) in a theatre surrounded by friends. The lights dim even more and that's when you realize her baby shower is at a Magic Mike Men show. 

Shay Mitchell spends the entire show hilariously fanning herself, and being shocked at some of the moves that are happening right in front of her. At one point she jokingly screams, "I'm going into labour!"

At the end of the show, Mitchell actually gets called up on stage by the host and receives the royal treatment — a lap dance. What makes the whole situation even more amusing is that Mitchell's boyfriend is being recorded texting her while she's at the show asking how things are going. 

Although that wrapped up her baby shower experience, the other half of the video gets pretty Canadian. Mitchell actually flies home to Canada to surprise her mom. She decided that because it's almost time for her to give birth she wanted her mom's advice. Let's just say that after this video, we know where Mitchell got her humour from because her mom is just as hilarious. 

I wonder what other antics Shay Mitchell can get up to before she actually goes into labour. I will admit though, that a Magic Mike baby shower doesn't seem like such a bad idea. 

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