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Shay Mitchell’s Boyfriend Matte Babel Is Actually A Canadian Icon In His Own Right

While some celebrities aren't shy about showing off their relationships on social media, others prefer to keep that part of their life private — so much so that their fans aren't even aware that they're dating someone. One great example of a partner who stays out of the spotlight is Shay Mitchell's boyfriend Matte Babel.

Mitchell and Babel have actually been together for over two years now. Their relationship started quite quietly, but just a few weeks ago, the pair welcomed their first child into the world.

Not unlike her father, the little girl has a unique name; Atlas Noa. You can already see both parent's immense love for their long-awaited child simply by watching their YouTube videos or scrolling through their Instagrams.

Most people know Mitchell from her work on shows like Pretty Little Liars and You, but for some reason, not a lot of people are aware of the fact that Babel is a Canadian celebrity with an awesome resume too.

Babel was born in Toronto back in October of 1980. According to his IMDb, he went on to attend Wilfrid Laurier University, where he graduated with double honours in Communications and Sociology, while also obtaining minors in Business and Geography.

After his ambitious university career, Babel headed out into the workforce, landing himself a job as a host of Much on Demand. He also landed many other hosting gigs over the years, including Canada SingsFuse News, and Entertainment Tonight, just to name a few.

Much like his good pal and fellow Canadian Drake, Babel also spent some time on the set of Degrassi. In 2010, he appeared in two episodes where he played the role of "Next Teen Star Host", which isn't too different from what he does in real life.

Now that he's a father to little Atlas, it'll be interesting to see if Babel's career starts to slow down at all so he can enjoy the beauty of parenthood.

It seems that he and Mitchell are soaking up all the time that they can with their little one, while still working hard to put out new projects that their fans love.

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