Shay Mitchell Shares The First Photo Of Her Baby And Reveals Her Unique Name (PHOTO)

You'll either love it or hate it.
Shay Mitchell's Daughter's Name Has Been Announced Online Along With The First Photo Of Her

Shay Mitchell’s daughter was born last month and the internet was overjoyed at the news. The announcement came in the form of an Instagram post showing the actress holding the tiny hand of her newborn. Now, Shay Mitchell has shared the post that we've all been waiting for. Fans just got blessed with the first photo and announcement of Shay Mitchell's daughter's name.

In the caption of her photo, Shay revealed her daughter's name, Atlas Noa, to the world. “In my 32 years of life I thought I had seen a lot of places, experienced a lot of things, met a lot of people and felt love...then came you,” she continues. She goes on to write that she had no idea she was capable of the kind of love she now has for her daughter and that she wakes up each day in awe that Atlas is hers.

“Just know, sweet girl - Whatever you choose to do in this world, whoever you choose to love, wherever you choose to go, I will always be your biggest fan. I am already so proud to be your Mama,” the emotional post continues.

She concludes with an adorably dorky sign-off that is just so Shay. “PS. The days of dressing you up as burritos and other snacks has only just begun,” followed by a single red heart emoji.

Before the announcement of her baby's name, Shay's fans rallied together online in hopes that she would name her baby after her Pretty Little Liars character, Emily. Clearly, she was after something a little more unique.

On June 28, Shay Mitchell announced her pregnancy on YouTube in a video titled "Guess Who's Preggers | Shay Mitchell.” In the video, she spoke about how the pregnancy was lonely, especially since she was hiding it from the public for eight months. After the announcement, Shay received a ton of love from the online community.

Naturally, there was also some negativity surrounding the announcement, too. Some people left comments asking about the baby's father, or how she could be pregnant if she’s unmarried. Because Shay is an absolute inspiration, she clapped back in the best way with a comment saying, "Not married, can you believe it still happened?!!"

Because it’s not a celebrity pregnancy without a legendary baby shower, Shay Mitchell’s baby shower took place at a Magic Mike show.

The comments section of Shay's latest post is absolutely blowing up with love and support. We can't wait to see more of little Atlas Noa!

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