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Shay Mitchell Finally Revealed Her Baby’s Due Date And It’s Much Sooner Than You’d Think

When you're not quite ready to have a baby yourself, there's nothing better than living vicariously through your friends or favourite celebrities. It seems like lately, celebrity pregnancy announcements have been coming out constantly, keeping the internet abuzz with major baby fever. Shay Mitchell's due date is rapidly approaching and her excitement is contagious.

A lot of people think that Kylie Jenner's pregnancy was the best kept Hollywood secret, but I beg to differ - Shay Mitchell SERIOUSLY took us all by surprise when she announced that her and her boyfriend, Matte Babel are expecting back in June.

When Mitchell was finally ready to share the news with her fans, she had a lot of fun with it. Her announcement came via a topless Instagram post that showed off her already massive baby bump, shocking all of her followers.

Another fun part of Mitchell's pregnancy so far has been her gender reveal. The actress let her assistant plan the whole thing, and it involved two Power Rangers, a pool, and a fight to the death (just kidding). Ultimately, the pink ranger won, revealing that the couple is expecting a baby girl!

Over the weekend, Mitchell and Babel went live on YouTube for a Pregnancy Q&A so that they could keep their fans super involved with what's going on in their lives as they get ready for parenthood. One question we've all been wanting the answer to is when we can expect baby Babel-Mitchell to arrive into the world.

According to the couple, their due date is in October, although they're anticipating that she'll be coming in late September. The pair also revealed that they have no plans to get married soon, and Mitchell "likes being a girlfriend". 

You can check out some of Shay's pregnancy journey in the video below.

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