Shay Mitchell Played The Most Hilarious Prank On Her Dad Before Giving Birth (VIDEO)

They caught the whole thing on camera.
Shay Mitchell's Labour

In 2019, it's pretty common for people to document every step of their pregnancy via social media, whether it's just through weekly bump photos or vlogs about preparing for their upcoming life of parenthood. Even if you're not a parent yourself, living vicariously through other people's pregnancies can be a fun way to pass time (and maybe even cure your baby fever when you realize how stressful pregnancy can be). Although your friends and family may be eager to share their journey publically, it's pretty rare for celebrities to be open about something so personal and intimate, so when they are, fans are eager to watch. Shay Mitchell's labour prank is the video you didn't know you needed today.

If you've been keeping up with Mitchell's Almost Ready YouTube series, you probably already know that she and her boyfriend, Matte Babel, welcomed their daughter into the world a little over a week ago. Mitchell documented the 33-hour labour for her channel, and if you've seen the video, you know that what she went through was no easy feat, but it was definitely well worth it.

After suffering from a miscarriage with their first baby, Mitchell and Babel were incredibly excited to be able to have another shot at becoming parents.

Now that the pregnancy is over and done with, Mitchell has been adjusting to her new life as a mom, but that doesn't mean she's been any less goofy and fun.

In her most recent YouTube upload, Mitchell shared a prank that she and Babel played on her dad shortly before she was due to give birth. While her father and boyfriend were drinking, Mitchell set up a scene to make it look as though her water had just broken.

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The Canadian actress then called out to her family and proceeded to play the role of a woman in labour perfectly, absolutely freaking out about not being prepared and having to get to the hospital.

Although they only kept it together for a few minutes, Mitchell and Babel fooled the soon-to-be grandfather very well - so good in fact, that he didn't want Mitchell to share the hilarious video.

In the caption for the video, Mitchell revealed that her father loves to play pranks on her, so this was simply payback, and she wanted to ensure that he'd really be ready to go when her water actually broke. Fair is fair, right?

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