It's been over two years since the iconic Pretty Little Liars ended and Shay Mitchell fans no longer had her character, Emily Fields, to follow every week. But the new mother has still been working on other content to satisfy our love for her onscreen presence. She played Peach Salinger in the very creepy show, You, and was even in a horror film in 2018. And now, Shay Mitchell's new show Dollface just premiered on Crave Canada and people already love it. 

Dollface is a Hulu Original, and although the streaming platform isn't available in Canada (yet), Crave managed to get their hands on the new show and have it available for Canadians.

Mitchell plays the character, Stella Cole, and also stars alongside Kat Dennings as Jules and Brenda Song as Madison Maxwell. The three ladies play best friends, including character Izzy played by Esther Povitsky. 

Hulu released the trailer in mid-October, and the storyline seems incredibly relatable to females of all ages.

When the lead character played by Dennings gets dumped by her long-time boyfriend, she finds herself lost and alone after having abandoned her close friends for her relationship. 

And people on Twitter are loving the relatable plot and the trio of actresses that lead the show. 

The first season is only ten episodes long, but it seems to be just enough for people to fall in love with. 

Povitsky tweeted photos from the show in her announcement today that it's officially streaming on Hulu. 

And the replies are already supportive and positive, with one person writing, "Watching now. Congrats to you and all the cast and crew. Funny, witty and just plain good."

Another user shared her first impression of the show and wrote, "The first 10 minutes of #Dollface gave me that post-"good ass therapy session" feeling. I needed this show."

This user quoted a line that they loved from the show, which was said by Canadian babe, Shay Mitchell.

They wrote, "When Stella says “You need to take a bomb to your comfort zone and blow that shit up” I feel this on a personal level @shaymitch #dollface".

And another very passionate Twitter user said that they already want a second season of the show, assumedly because it's that good.  

Check out the trailer for Dollface below and watch it on Crave Canada this weekend! 

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