Scammers Are Going After Shoppers Drug Mart Customers With A Tricky New Trap

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Scammers Are Going After Shoppers Drug Mart Customers With A Tricky New Trap

Another day, another scam. This time, it’s Canadian retail pharmacy chain Shoppers Drug Mart that has been affected, and it’s their customers who could suffer. According to a new statement from the pharmacy store, Shoppers Drug Mart customers are receiving fraudulent phone calls, and scammers are trying everything to get their financial information.

In a post on their social media channels, Shoppers Drug Mart confirmed on Thursday that their customers are being targeted by scammers, and their personal and financial information could be at risk. According to the post from Shoppers, hackers are ambushing their unsuspecting customers by phone, and are using a variety of tactics to gain access to your personal information.

When the scammers call, they claim to be representatives or employees of Shoppers Drug Mart and then go on to attempt to gain access to your private details. According to the comments on the Shoppers Facebook post, the hackers are using multiple excuses to get hold of people's personal details.

The post from Shoppers stated, “CONSUMER ALERT: Please be aware of fraudulent calls claiming to be referred from 'someone at Shoppers Drug Mart' that may be an attempt to access your personal and financial information. If you receive this call, we encourage you to hang up.”

In response to Shoppers' Facebook post, several customers replied to say that they’d been contacted by someone pretending to be Shoppers Drug Mart staff, and they’d been given various reasons why their personal information was required.

One Facebook user responded, “Fiance got a call yesterday saying he won a trip to the Bahamas. Good thing he's an employee and recognized the scam right away."

Another shared a similar experience, adding, “ I got a call yesterday from 'shoppers' saying I had won a trip...sigh..I hung up."

A third confirmed, “Got a call yesterday saying that I won a trip from shoppers."

According to the Facebook comments, other reasons that the scammers gave for calling were: to say a prescription had arrived, to say that medical records need to be updated, and to confirm a purchase.

Shoppers Drug Mart has made it clear that they would never call customers to ask for personal or confidential details over the phone. They urge anyone who receives suspicious phone calls from the store to immediately hang up.

This isn’t the first time that Shoppers have had to alert their customers to a scam. Earlier this year, the company was faced with a similar incident when scammers were calling their customers trying to gain access to confidential and financial information.

Shoppers Drug Mart has not released any additional information about the scam phone calls or which parts of Canada have been affected.

Narcity has reached out to the company for further information. This article will be updated when a response has been received.

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