Shoppers Drug Mart Offers Seniors Exclusive Hours To Shop Amid Panic Buying

Shoppers is offering free health consultations as well.
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Shoppers Drug Mart Health Care Is Moving Online & Shopping Hours Are Changing

One Canadian retailer is taking a different route than simply closing its doors. Shoppers Drug Mart health care is moving online to let people get free health consultations. The Canadian store is also offering exclusive shopping hours to individuals who need extra assistance.

Shoppers Drug Mart is also making the first hour of shopping each day only available to customers who need assistance which includes seniors and people with disabilities.

Operating hours might not be the same for every store in Canada so be sure to check ahead to see when a location near you opens and when you can go in.

They haven't placed a deadline on the dedicated hour of shopping.

"At Shoppers Drug Mart our primary goal is to help Canadians live life well and that matters now more than ever.  In an effort to help flatten the curve, we're doing everything we can to support Canadians while encouraging social distancing," said Jeff Leger, president of Shoppers Drug Mart, in a news release.

On March 17, Shoppers stated "Starting this week, Shoppers Drug Mart is dedicating the first opening hour of shopping at our stores to our customers who need assistance or consideration, including seniors and people living with disabilities. We encourage you to check with your local store to confirm operating hours."

The statement continued, "Shoppers Drug Mart will also offer the 20% Seniors Day discount on regular priced items for the first hour each day every day. This is in addition to Seniors Days each Thursday."

Until March 23, online consultations with physicians will be available to Canadians online through the store's official website from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

It's completely free so you can get the virtual care without having to dish out any cash.

In an effort to flatten the curve when it comes to COVID-19, the online service will give people access to health care while still following public health guidelines.

This service isn't just about COVID-19. 

When you get online with a physician, they can diagnose minor ailments too so you don't have to go out and add to the stress being felt by healthcare systems or putting your own health at risk.

With the online consultations, people can connect with a physician using their smartphone, tablet or computer.

Those meetings can be done by text, video or audio chat.

Along with giving health advice and diagnosing minor ailments, physicians will also be able to give prescriptions to people who can't meet a doctor in person.

Shoppers Drug Mart is hoping that this virtual care service will help relieve the burden on emergency rooms and hospitals.

Some retailers in Canada have decided to limit the time people spend in stores or even shut down locations across the country.

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