Shoppers Drug Mart recently made a big step into the beauty industry by launching their new cosmetic dermatology treatment centre. They are now offering botox injections for as low as $10! However, experts are now questioning the quality of Shoppers Drug Mart's new botox treatments

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Called the Beauty Clinic, Shoppers Drug Mart's new treatment centre offers a variety of cosmetic dermatology services and treatments, such as botox, cosmetic injections, dermal fillers, microdermabrasion and more. The treatments are done by trained professionals, says Shoppers. According to them, the clinic provides a "truly holistic luxury beauty experience" and "next-level beauty treatments"

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Experts in the field are now questioning the adequacy of Shopper's new cosmetic dermatology treatment centre. "You wouldn't sign up for surgery at a grocery store," Dr. Michael Brandt, who is a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Toronto, told The Huffington Post. He also said that there are many competent professionals in the field, but due to the lucrative nature of the industry, this has also resulted in practitioners who are less qualified. 

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According to The Huffington Post, Shoppers says that "procedures and training were developed in consultation with doctors who provide ongoing advice, but physicians are not onsite". Dr. Brandt worries about the quality of the treatments and whether there are proper measures in place if a medical emergency arises. 

"Just because a professional has the authority to perform a procedure does not automatically mean it is appropriate to do so," said Dr. Brandt. "Is it appropriate for a nurse practitioner to be performing surgery? They might have the capacity to do it, they might be allowed as a delegated act to do it, but most people would choose to have a surgeon perform their surgery."

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Brandt also said that if treatment was done wrong, you could be at risk of severe burns, scarring and discolourations from lasers. If a filler ends up being improperly injected into a blood vessel, this can result in an occlusion, which means it will kill anything it supplies.

Oakville esthetician Cynthia Webb told The Huffington Post that people tend to chose where they will get botox treatments based on price, and this can be highly problematic. 

Medical Weed And $10 Botox At Shoppers Drug Mart

"When they call, the first thing they'll ask is: 'How much is a unit of Botox?'," said Webb. "Well, you're not paying for the Botox or the neuromodulator or the filler. You're paying for the experience of the practitioner."

Shoppers Drug Mart announced the launch of the Beauty Clinic last month. It recently opened its doors in Oakville Ontario at 2501 Prince Michael Drive. If you want to find out more about their offerings or book a free consultation, you can visit The Beauty Clinic's official website.