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Short Road Trip From North Carolina Leads To An Icy Green Lagoon

Spring is finally in the air and that means nature-lovers are probably coming out of hibernation to enjoy the blooming flowers and sunny vibes. There's a lot to explore in the trees of NC but if you want to do some traveling, this short road trip from North Carolina opens up a world of outdoor adventure. A tiny trek to your neighboring state leads to gorgeous falls and crystal pools.

Brasstown Falls in South Carolina is a series of gushing cascades only about three hours from Charlotte in Long Creek, SC. The rapids, which are part of Brasstown Creek, fall into the scenic Brasstown Valley in Sumter National Forest.

During your journey, you'll come across three distinct waterfalls that all belong to different sections along the path. At first glance, it may seem like a lot of work to reach your destination, but the entire hike is less than a mile long.

At less than a quarter-mile, you'll first stumble upon the upper section of the falls which cascades at about 50 feet.

As you continue to descend, the trail becomes narrower and steeper as you make your way to the middle section.

The final section of the falls is where you will find a massive, 120-foot cascade that feeds a natural pool full of icy green water that often resembles the lagoons you may find in Iceland.

When all is said and done, this quick and moderate hike should take about 20 minutes to complete.

To access the trailhead, you'll take Brasstown Road from U.S. 76 West, turn right on FS 751 and drive 0.5 miles. You'll then see the start of the path that leads you into the woods.

It is advised that you take precautions while hiking, as the steep descents and mists from the falls can create slipping hazards.

Brasstown Falls

Price: Free

Address: 299-201 US-76, Westminster, SC

Why You Need To Go: Welcome spring with a short road trip that leads to multiple refreshing waterfalls that pour into an icy, green lagoon.

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