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Showtime's Shameless Filmed In Chicago But Was Mostly Shot In California

Showtime drama fans rejoice because the new Shameless season was recently released and tbh, we love it. If you've already binged several episodes, you're probably wondering "Was Shameless filmed in Chicago?"

Well, we've got your answer - no. While the Gallaghers are supposed to live on the south side of the Windy City, much of the show is actually filmed in Los Angeles too.

In fact, most of season 9 was shot in various spots around SoCal. If you're wondering exactly where it was filmed, then keep reading.

The Alibi Room

Actual Location: Warner Bros. Back Lot, Burbank, California

It doesn't come as a surprise that this iconic spot was shot at Warner Bros. Studios. Countless famous movies and shows have been filmed here and the lot has endless potential to create unique sets. If you want to go visit The Alibi Room bar, you can go book a studio tour with WB.

Debbie's Workplace

Actual Location: 625 Anderson St., Los Angeles, California

After having her daughter, underaged Debbie is stumped at how to find a decent-paying job without a high school diploma. She lands a job at a welding factory where she suffers countless accidents and then learns her male counterparts are making more money than her for doing the same dangerous job. None of us forget her ingenious plan to wear an adult diaper and cut out bathroom breaks to argue she spends less time than the men do in the can and therefore deserves the same pay. Sure, her methods are unorthodox, but we started liking her a little more. This is the actual site where Debbie (aka Emma Rose Kenney) worked her 9-5.

Where Kevin and V Got Busted by the Preschool

Actual Location: 2030 Colorado Blvd., Los Angeles, California

What do you do when you have identical twins and only one of there's only one slot open for the pre-school of your dreams? Kevin and V seemed like they had a pretty airtight plan. There was just one problem. How do you get a four-year-old to keep such a big secret? Needless to say, they got busted. You can visit the actual site where the school was supposed to be on this cute street downtown.Bonus? There's plenty of fun shops to explore.

The Bar Where Fiona Chatted up Investors

Showtime's Shameless Filmed In Chicago But Was Mostly Shot In California

Actual Location: Lobby Bar at Hotel Constance, 928 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, California

Grab your BFFs, dress up a little, and enjoy a night out on the town. Historic Pasadena oozes with charm and you can have drinks at the bar where Fiona famously chatted up investors last season.

Kash and Grab

Actual Location: Warner Bros. Back Lot, Burbank, California

You can actually visit the Kash and grab run by Kash and his wife Linda. Like The Alibi Room, it's also part of the show's set on the Warner Bros. Studio lot. We guess you'll just have to make a few stops.

Honestly, we're excited to find that part of the series was shot in California. We just can't believe we've binge watched nine seasons and didn't see it till now.

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