Haunted sleepovers usually happen in October at some made-up haunted house, but if you want to see something really spooky, you won't have to wait until Halloween to do so. Haunted Rooms is giving visitors a chance to spend the night at the Anson Opera House on August 10th. The opera house has been one of the more active locations for paranormal activity in central Texas which has gained tons of attraction since the 70s.

The opera house doesn't have one particular story as to how it became haunted but there have been reports of people's things going missing and then later reappearing in completely different locations. There have also been reported sounds of footsteps when no one else is around. During their past investigations, Haunted Room goers have reported cold spots, disembodied voices, and seeing orbs across the stage.

During your stay, you will have the chance to have a history tour of the place and ghost hunt with experienced ghost hunters. Guests are provided with equipment such as EMF meters and trigger objects. You will also have a chance to explore the place all on your own. Visitors will not only get to spend the night but you'll be placed right in the middle of all the action by staying in the most haunted areas of the opera house. 

Tickets for the sleepover are on sale now at just $90, and this includes unlimited drinks and breakfast in the morning when all the ghost hunting fun comes to an end. 

For more information on this ghost hunting adventure and to purchase your tickets, you can visit their website here.

Anson Opera House Haunted Sleepover

Price: $90

Address:1120 11th St, Anson, TX 79501

Why you need to go: You can have a spooky adventure this summer by spending the night at this haunted opera house. Visitors have a chance to use EMF meters to check for ghostly activity.