7 Charming Small Towns In BC That Are Absolute Magic In The Winter

Like you're in a Hallmark holiday movie.
Small Towns In BC That Make Magical Winter Day Trips

Summer might be the more popular time of year to go on road trips, but think about it — who wants to be stuck inside a hot car when the weather is so nice and warm? If you are good at driving in the snow and ice, then you know that winter is actually the best time to visit cute small towns in B.C. and set off on a road trip adventure. You can keep warm in the car, see the sparkling snow on the mountaintops and stop in at towns along the way for hot chocolate.

If you're driving to any of these towns yourself, just be sure that you're prepared and you have the right winter tires on. Some of these towns are a long drive away from Vancouver, but that just means that they're closer to the mountains and all that magical winter wonderland goodness that you just don't get in Vancouver.

Whether you're looking for a cute ski town to hang out this winter or you just want fresh road trip inspiration, the adorable small B.C. towns on this list are going to make you want to fill the tank and hit the road. Here are seven of the most charming small towns that become absolute Hallmark movie magic in the winter:


Distance From Vancouver: 8 hours

Why You Need To Go: In the Kootenay Rockies, this town is ideal for ski bunnies. Plus, their ski-themed Josie Hotel is a bucket-list-worthy place for a getaway.

Fort Langley

Distance From Vancouver: 1 hour

Why You Need To Go: So close to Vancouver and yet it feels like a world away, this storybook town has adorable shops, historical sites and delicious restaurants and it's at it's cutest in the winter.


Distance From Vancouver: 8 hours

Why You Need To Go: Nelson is one of the funkiest towns in B.C. that's full of as much spunk as it's full of gorgeous natural beauty.


Distance From Vancouver: 11 hours

Why You Need To Go: Fernie is worth visiting just for that view of the town and the mountains. It's also one of the best ski towns, plus their charming winter carnival called Griz Days is a must-see.


Distance From Vancouver: 6 hours

Why You Need To Go: Plus, there are super cheap hot springs nearby that are perfect for relaxing after a long drive or a day on the hills.


Distance From Vancouver: 10 hours

Why You Need To Go: This alpine town is like our own little European mountain village in B.C. and they have the world's largest freestanding cuckoo clock you have to see to believe.


Distance From Vancouver: 8 hours

Why You Need To Go: This charming town is ideal if you love getting out into the wild for some adventure. Plus, the famed Kicking Horse Mountain Resort is here and you could easily spend weeks exploring the trails and enjoying all the town has to offer.

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