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'Smallville' Star And Sex Cult Member Allison Mack Just Got Arrested For Sex Trafficking

Former Smallville star Allison Mack has been in the spotlight recently for her involvement in a notorious sex cult known as NXIVM. Today, Allison was arrested for her leading role in the cult, and is facing sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy and conspiracy to commit forced labour charges. 

It was only a month ago that Allison was found with the cult's leader Keith Raniere at a resort in Mexico, where he was captured and taken away by police. After joining the NXIVM in 2006, Allison worked her way up the ranks and eventually became Keith's sidekick. Supposedly, they'd even planned for Allison to take over as the leader eventually.

The cult is known for luring young women into becoming sex slaves, then starving, torturing and humiliating them. Members of the cult also have their skin painfully branded with the cult's secret symbol. 

It's been said that Allison even had her own division in the cult. Allison would allegedly blackmail her victims, starve them, and treat them like "slaves."

The cult only started getting the media's attention last year. Actress Catherine Oxenberg went public about her 26-year-old daughter's involvement in the cult, and begged the public for help. But, her daughter has chosen to stay loyal to the cult. It's likely that she will be arrested as well, as police work to dismantle the cult and free its enslaved members. 

The cult spans all across the globe, with a chapter even here in Vancouver. Canadian actress such as Grace Park who starred in Hawaii Five-O, Kristin Kreuk who appeared in Smallville and Nicki Clyne who acted in Battlestar Galactica have all been members. 

Source: Hollywood Life

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