Smash Mouth Just Started Beef With Drake In An Attempt To Be Relevant Again

Drake’s love for the Raptors still doesn’t seem to be saving him from the backlash of being too involved. He’s become the perfect candidate for irrelevant singers to piggyback off of for fame. After the game that won the raptors the Eastern Conference, Smash Mouth judged Drake’s love for the Raptors.

If you only remember Smash Mouth because they managed to get their one hit wonder All Star on the soundtrack of the cinematic masterpiece that is Shrek, you’re not alone. Underneath their tweet criticizing Drake, fans clapped back defending Canada’s biggest advocate. One person even replied saying, “Tough tweet from a band that was literally made famous by Shrek.” You can view the hilarious tweet below. 

It seems like people are getting a little tired of the hate towards Drake. I mean they’re literally trying to shame him for standing. Drake has already addressed the criticism of him moving around too much by saying that his actions don’t impact the results of a game.  

He hasn’t responded to Smash Mouth yet but we wouldn't be surprised if he did. He posted a picture on instagram captioned with the emoji’s, “😂🧂🤷🏽‍♂” in response to the Milwaukee team for being “salty” of the privileges he has at games. Can we even blame him for being this passionate? The Raptors are going to the NBA finals for the first time ever.

We can admit that Drake does get a little bit wild when it comes to his favourite sports team, especially after his celebration in downtown Toronto after game 5 of the series. However, he has Toronto Mayor John Tory’s support. He's actually glad Drake is making these enemies! Can we ever actually be mad at someone who supports our country that much? 

With the Raptors in the finals, we can definitely expect some more drake news in the coming days and hopefully a response to this whole situation.