There's something about the scenic Smoky Mountain National Park that makes you want to pack up the car and run away. But hitting up the park's most well-known spots for stunning views may not be the best for people who want to avoid a crowd. Next time you head to the Smokies, try to find the secret stone fairy house located in the mountain's woods and escape to a tourist-free zone.

The Voorheis Estate and the House of the Fairies are located about a mile from Gatlinburg, Tennessee. To find them, take the road less traveled, starting by wandering the winding wooded paths of Twin Creeks Trail off of Cherokee Orchard Road.

The path will lead you to the estate of Louis E. Voorheis.

Named after him, this mountain retreat operated from 1928 to his death in 1944, where the wealthy business owner allegedly liked to experiment with generating power from water using a dam he built on the location's splitting river runs.

The buildings are still in pretty good shape, making it easy to walk around and explore. Today, visitors can take a self-guided tour of the estate that features the main house, guest cabins, a barn, an apple bar, and his secret springhouse.

The stone springhouse, otherwise known as the House of Fairies, will make you feel like a kid again with its storybook vibes.

The House of Fairies is considered a top-secret spot on the property. Not in plain sight, visitors will have to veer off the path and take a short hike just a little bit further from the estate's main house to find it. 

The springhouse is made completely out of stone, featuring a circular pattern above the door. The exterior is largely covered in growing green moss, giving the structure an aesthetic of a home fit for fairies, thus giving it its nickname.

Voorheis donated the property to the National Park Service in 1933, as it was located within the National Park's land, under the condition he could continue to lease the location for the remainder of his life.

Completely free to visit, hikers can explore Smoky Mountain National Park on a budget and uncover these lesser-known views. Get away from the tourists of Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg by escaping to this hidden fairytale spot among the trees.

Voorheis Estate & House of Fairies 

Price: Free

Address: Twin Creeks Trail, Gatlinburg, TN

Why You Need To Go: This trail in the Smokies will take you to this secret estate and stone fairy house on a storybook adventure. 

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