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Scheer Just Called Out Trudeau In Person And The Encounter Is So Awkward (VIDEO)

The encounter is so hard to watch.
Ontario Editor
Scheer Just Called Out Trudeau In Person And The Encounter Is So Awkward (VIDEO)

Justin Trudeau has had a rough couple of days after the Ethics Commissioner found that the Prime Minister was guilty in regard to the SNC-Lavalin scandal. Since it has been announced that the scandal violated the Conflict of Interest Act, many Canadians seem to be divided on the issue. However, on Thursday, Andrew Scheer made it clear where he stood on the issue, calling out the Prime Minister in New Brunswick in front of hundreds. 

On Friday, the Conservative Party of Canada took to Twiter to reveal a video of the political pair shaking hands in New Brunswick, only one day after the news had broke about the SNC-Lavalin scandal. 

Both Scheer and Trudeau were in New Brunswick to celebrate National Acadian Day and the World Acadian Congress and could be seen parading down the streets with hundreds of locals for the special occasion. 

However, one video captured an awkward moment between the pair. In the video, Scheer can be seen shaking hands with Trudeau, both of them smiling throughout the exchange. Yet, the awkward conversation that was had during this encounter was no laughing matter. 

In the video, Scheer approaches the current Prime Minister of Canada, stating "You have to stop lying to Canadians, you need to come clean."

Trudeau, not seeming phased by the comment, continues to smile, stating, "Oh, this is a good day today." 

Since the video has been posted, it has gone viral and thousands of Canadians are leaving their comments on the interaction. 

Many seem concerned with the way that Trudeau handled the situation, seemingly ignoring the issue that Scheer was trying to bring up. 

One Twitter user even went as far as to say, "Life is nothing by a scandalous party for Trudeau." 

However, the video actually seemed to backfire for Scheer, with many Canadians pointing out that he too, should also stop lying to Canadians. 

While the video was meant to poke fun at the Prime Minister, many Canadians found a way to turn the video back around on Scheer. One Twitter user even state, "Take you own advice, Andrew." 

With elections just around the corner, it looks like Canadians continue to be divided between the two parties.

Earlier this week, both #IStandWithTrudeau and #TrudeauMustGoToJail were both trending on Twitter, showing exactly how divided Canadians are. 

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