Iconic rapper Snoop Dogg isn’t known for being the most subtle person in the world. He’s always been pretty outspoken and known to do something a little odd and crazy every once in a while. 

Well it would seem that he’s gone and done something actually worthy of the record books this time. 

Literally, he just broke the world record for making the biggest gin and juice drink in the history of human kind. And it’s massive.  

All hands on deck. 🙌 @snoopdogg @mvoltaggio @warreng set the record for world’s largest Gin & Juice (The Paradise 🍹 cocktail). Only on the #WSCULINARYSTAGE. Watch more in our IG LIVE. 🎥 #guinnessworldrecord #BottleRock

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The drink was held in a glass that was 5 feet tall and 3 feet wide. 

Snoop Dogg and his team used 180 bottles of Hendricks gin along with juice donated by Whole Foods to fill the glass.  

And to top it all off they even threw in a life sized umbrella for good measure.  

At the end of it all Snoop Dogg was given a certificate saying that he had officially created the worlds largest gin and juice drink. 

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Now of course fans of the rapper will know that this is a reference to his hit 1993 song about the cocktail.  

Now why this record exists at all is anyone’s guess but Snoop and his team certainly went all out to get it for themselves. 

Source: ET Canada