By now, Texans should be well-equipped for the chilly weather that's been creeping in and out of Texas these past few weeks. If not, then buying a winter coat ASAP is a must, especially now that we know what this week's weather predictions are. Snow and dropping temperature in the Texas Hill Country is expected this week, among other concerning weather conditions in areas all over the Lone Star State.

According to the San Antonio Express-News, a mix of rain and freezing rain is expected tonight, Monday, November 11 and the following morning, Tuesday, November 12.

Not only will we see a mix of rain and freezing rain these next few days, but very cold temperatures, gusty winds, and low wind chills are also expected through Wednesday, November 13.

The combination of these weather predictions means there's a huge possibility for snow in Texas, more specifically, in the San Antonio area. 

If there's one thing we know for sure about Texas weather, it's that it's constantly proving to be more and more unpredictable. So while it is possible we'll be seeing snow this week, we may end up being disappointed. 

We're staying hopeful because according to many other sources, the temperatures could hit one to two degrees lower and turn the forecasted rain into ice or snow.

If the weather reports are correct and San Antonio's ground goes from green to white this week, it won't be the first snow of the season for Texas.

The Texas panhandle has already bit hit once this season, and if you're like me, you're extremely jealous you weren't in the area to enjoy it back in October. 

Even if we're not able to make snow angels or a snowman this week, we'll still be extremely grateful for some flurries and an excuse to break out our new winter coats. Here's to hoping more and more Texas cities experience snow in the coming months!

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