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Snow Hit The Texas Panhandle This Week

Texas has the craziest weather right now. Some parts of the state are suffering from wild storms and tornadoes while others are enjoying 80-degree sunny weather. One of the craziest things happening in the state is the snow in the Texas panhandle.

On Thursday night, snow has reached four to six inches, and Twitter just can not handle it. It's very early in the fall season, and no one expected to see snow anytime soon. What started as just snow flurries was officially deemed a snowstorm. The snow might have caught everyone off guard, but they sure are happy about it. 

Some people in the Amarillo area were so excited about the rare October snowstorm that they had to take to social media to express their content.

Twitter user Kenned_Braker stated "texas panhandle...i was not prepared for snow. my socks are wet and my ears are cold.", showing that no one was prepared for the snowstorm to hit so randomly. The snow is supposed to come to a gentle stop for the weekend before picking up again on Wednesday.

The temperatures are supposed to go back up to around 60 degrees before dropping to 30 degrees during the mid-week. Even if it's not snowing all weekend, there is so much snow leftover you still have time to get out and build a snowman.

User Sarita_ Ysabella on Twitter even said, "Hi I'm moving to the Texas panhandle ONLY because I'm desperate for snow :)" expressing how everyone across the state wants a piece of this snowy action. It might have come very early but this tweet shows snow is always welcome in the great state of Texas.

Most people's areas are covered in a thick layer of snow. There is so much snow that you could easily have a snowball fight for hours. 

The sight was so unbelieve most people went straight to memeing about the entire situation. This super rare snowstorm in October might slowly be coming to a close, but there is still plenty of snow you can toss around this weekend.

If you're looking for something a little warmer to do this weekend, you can stop by the Panhandle botanical garden, where the space is a warm paradise even when it's snowing outside.

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