Parts Of Ontario Actually Woke Up To Snow This Morning (PHOTOS)

"June-uary" is real.
Parts Of Ontario Actually Woke Up To Snow This Morning (PHOTOS)

It was genuinely cold in Ontario last night, and anyone who sat outside to watch Game 2 at their city's respective Jurassic Park can attest to that. Temperatures dipped into the single digits on Sunday night in the Toronto area and as of Monday morning, the chilly breeze made it feel like just 7°C outside. So we must admit that news about snow in Ontario today isn't that hard to believe. 

Algonquin Provincial Park, a historic national park in south-central Ontario, capped off the first weekend of June with surprise snow flurries. Photos shared by the park show a dusting of snow on the trees. "June 3rd and there is SNOW in the Park. This is happening," reads the caption.

According to InstantWeather, the same system that brought a surprise tornado to Ottawa on Sunday had travelled through central Ontario overnight. As a result, most of central Ontario saw rainfall. But, parts of Algonquin Park, northern Muskoka and the Haliburton Highlands faced a risk of flurries due to cooler overnight temperatures. 

Environment Canada meteorologist Crawford Luke tells MyMuskokaNow that June snowfall in Algonquin Park is rare, "but not 100 percent unheard of." "It happens every once in a while," Luke says, but admits that it is a "certainly unusual" occurrence.

Overall, it has been a colder than normal spring in Ontario this year. Forecasters predict that the rest of June won't be much of an improvement. Current trends show a soggy start to the summer season and below-seasonal temperatures will dominate well into the warmer months.

The Toronto area will see a cooler start to the workweek this week, with a gradual warmup just in time for the weekend. Take a look at the 7-day forecast:

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