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Ontario Highways Are Being Shut Down Today Due To "Life-Threatening Travel Conditions"

Snow squalls and blizzards are going to make travelling dangerous today.
Snow Squall Warnings In Ontario Are Leading To  "Life-Threatening Travel Conditions"

Spring might be around the corner, but winter feels far from being over. Widespread road closures and snowsquall warnings in Ontario will have drivers pumping the brakes on Friday morning as snowstorms sweep across the province. According to The Weather Network, the high impact snowfall will make travel conditions dangerous with visibility remaining poor in snow belt areas into Saturday morning.

Weather conditions are going to be so bad in parts of Ontario that travel is considered life-threatening. According to TWN, "A blizzard warning has also been issued for Grey-Bruce and is bringing life-threatening travel conditions amid heavy, blowing snow."

Environment Canada reported that a whopping 50 centimetres of snow is likely in Grey-Bruce today. However, the snow squalls are expected to weaken this afternoon.

"Protect yourself from wind, cold, and disorientation by staying sheltered, indoors, or with your vehicle. If you become stranded in a vehicle, do not leave. The vehicle offers a form of protection from the cold. A single person walking through the snow is harder to find than a stranded car or truck," reads a statement from the weather agency.

Motorists are being warned to travel slow and pay particular attention as visibility is likely to shift in some rural areas.

Powerful winds of up to 80 km/h could affect visibility in "open areas," which could make travel near impossible at times throughout the day.

Weather advisories are also in place for areas such as Toronto, where drivers are being warned to take caution during their commutes on Friday. 

"Be alert to sudden changes in visibility and travel conditions in open and rural areas," explained meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham.

"Snowfall rates with the squall will be near 5 cm per hour with whiteouts likely," he adds.

Now, the OPP is also reporting multiple road closures across the province as snow continues to fall.  

Multiple highways in the western region have been shut down, including parts of Highway 21 and Highway 6. 

The OPP reported on Thursday that they had investigated 180 crashes across the GTA by Wednesday evening, and the accidents continued throughout Thursday.

Several major accidents were reported on the Ontario 400-series highway last night. An incident involving a cattle hauler loaded with livestock was involved in a shutdown of Highway 401 westbound near Leslie St. 

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