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Sobeys' Newest Grocery Store Will Allow You To Shop From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Whether it be that you don't own a car, have no one to help you carry your 20lbs of groceries or are just lazy; get excited because Sobeys has news for you. The national grocery store brand has teamed up with a British online grocery store company Ocado to give Canadians the luxury of shopping from home and having the goods delivered to their doors - Amazon style. 

The new online grocery store shopping project will include a warehouse being built in Toronto/ the GTA to start. They plan on using robotic technology much like Amazon does in order to meet consumer demands and to get orders to customers doors quickly. If successful, they plan to expand in "other urban markets". 

Michael Medline, the President & CEO of Sobeys Inc. said in his press release “This unique and innovative Sobeys and Ocado experience will offer consumers the biggest selection, freshest products and most reliable delivery available anywhere on the planet.

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While there isn't too much info around the project yet, the press release reveals that "Ocado will help Sobeys to build a website and mobile service, and manage its delivery system and customer service." 

Sobeys is Canada's second largest food supermarket group and owns 1500 grocery store chains including, FreshCo, Price Chopper, IGA, Foodland, Safeway, Lawtons and Marche Bonichoix - among others. If the project does get off the ground we could see this open up to cities all over Canada fairly quickly. 

There are a few small catches to the new project, Sobeys is projecting that it won't actually launch the online delivery program till 2020 once the warehouse is built and only those geographically close to that warehouse will be able to utilize the online delivery system. 

Source: Sobeys Corporate