You Can Hike This Trail In Ontario While Social Distancing (VIDEO)

A safe way to get some fresh air.
Social Distancing Hiking Trail In Ontario (VIDE0)
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Amid COVID-19 concerns, Canadians have been asked to keep a distance from each other. With this sudden lifestyle change, some of you have probably been looking for ways to leave your homes while still being prudent. The Weather Network made this video on a hiking trail that allows you to still practice social distancing.  

Reporter Mark Robinson takes you for a hike in southern Ontario.

This activity will allow you to get some exercise and fresh air while staying away from others.   

These are actually very important contributors to maintaining a healthy immune system

If you are self-isolating, self-quarantined, or quarantined it is best not to leave at all.

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Jade Woo-Giroux
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