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Canada Has A Hockey Stick Solution To Social Distancing Because Canada

Do you know how long a two-metre distance is?

By now, we've all probably heard about how far away you have to be from someone to keep a safe distance. But do you actually know how long two metres are in order to be that far apart? Social distancing in Canada just got a lot easier to understand and a lot more relatable when you think of it in terms of a hockey stick.

On April 7 during a daily press conference with federal ministers, Patty Hajdu once again reminded people about doing their part and keeping their distance.

"We all have a very important role to play to defeat this virus," she said.

If you don't have to leave the house, Hajdu still recommended not going out.

She also told Canadians to not let others into your home even if they're members of your family.

Hajdu also had a helpful way to remember how far to stay away from people when you have to go outside of your home.

"If you absolutely must leave your house, keep a two-metre distance from everyone," Hajdu said. "That's a hockey stick length."

Visualizing a hockey stick between you and someone else while you're out is probably easier than trying to figure out exactly how long a two-metre distance is.

Plus, it's way more Canadian.

In true Canadian fashion, the hockey stick solution has popped up elsewhere too.

The city of Toronto has been informing residents on the proper way to keep the distance between yourself and others.

Signs put up across the city read, "practice good physical distancing - two metres apart or about the length of a hockey stick."

Hajdu also stressed the importance of avoiding gatherings during this pandemic.

The health minister noted that this is a "for now" situation so we won't have to be worrying about keep hockey stick lengths between us forever.

If you've never seen a hockey stick, are you even Canadian?  But seriously, if not you might just have to break out a measuring tape to know how far apart two metres are and as much as possible, stay home.