3 Canadian Regions Have Been Social Distancing Better Than Others According To Google

People aren't going out like they used to.
Social Distancing In Canada Seems To Be Better In 3 Regions Than In Others According To Google
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Have you been staying home and keeping your distance from public spaces? Not every part of the country is seeing the same results as other places. Social distancing in Canada seems like it's going better in some regions than others according to new Google data.

The tech giant has a new feature, COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports, that people can use to see how their country or region is moving around because of the disease.

When it comes to retail and recreation movement in Canada, that has dropped by 59% across the country as of March 29.

That's compared to the five-week mobility baseline from January 3 to February 6.

What this means is that people aren't going to restaurants, cafes, malls, museums, movie theatres or other recreational places like they did at the beginning of the year.

The mobility reports show how visits to places and the lengths of those visits have changed compared to the baseline.

Only three places in Canada, two provinces and one territory, are either above or the same as the national average when it comes to a drop in retail and recreation mobility.

Ontario and the Northwest Territories are both at a 59% drop as of March 29 while Quebec is at a 70% drop.

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For other types of movement across the country, the numbers are also down as of March 29 except for mobility trends around places of residence.

There has been a 66% decrease in visits to transit stations across the country.

Workplaces in Canada also saw a drop of 44%.

Movement in parks, beaches, public gardens and other similar areas are down 16%.

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When it comes to transit stations, only Ontario and Quebec are either at the national average or above it.

B.C., Ontario and Quebec lead the way when it comes to a drop in the mobility around workplaces.

In New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan, there has actually been an increase in visits to parks.

Those spikes appear to happen on weekends.

Google updates the reports often and their data is always from about two to three days before the update is released.

So, you can continually check out how your region is doing.

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