It seems Canadians don't do things like other people. With all this talk of social distancing in Ontario, you might still be wondering what is the right amount of distance to keep. Well,  if the province's signs are anything to go by, you can use almost any unit of measurement to help stay apart.

A little bit of light humour doesn't hurt anybody. 

To accommodate the urge to maintain proper physical distance from those surrounding you, Ontario officials have tried to find whimsical ways to remind others to keep the advised two metres distance from others while they're outside.

Sometimes it can feel a bit bleak and disheartening to be living in the current climate. So creative ways of advising people like this are pretty welcome, if you ask us.

To help get the point across, officials have used everything from hockey sticks to cute animals, and even outdoor activities. 

Not only is getting creative with social distancing a funny reminder of how you should do your part to stop the spread of COVID-19, but it should help you remember it better, too.

Still, though, if all else fails, you can just revert to using a Maple Leafs analogy like Toronto Mayor John Tory did recently.

Of course, other NHL teams are available.

A Good Ol' Hockey Stick

Although a hockey stick might not exactly be two metres apart, this is the best way to remind yourself to keep your distance, especially if you're a fan of the sport. Canadian officials highly recommended it, and so do we.

Restaurants have even been using hockey sticks attached to debit machines for drive-thru payments, so it seems like it's been working.

Monty Python's Silly Walk

Ottawa's social distancing signs got a bit of a touch-up after one local resident apparently altered social distancing signs around the city, digitally or otherwise.

The Monty Python-inspired signs certainly got plenty of attention online.

Three Dogs

Mayor Tory seemed to enjoy the city's new reminder of social distancing. Signs displaying three dogs length to length tell people to keep that amount of distance between others. Sorry, three happy dogs. Gotta get those tails wagging.

Three Geese

But if a trio of pups doesn't do it for you, that's ok too! To add to the cute dog signs, Toronto also introduced "three geese" signs, because if there's one thing we all know, it's that dogs and geese are interchangeable.

It's also a great friendly reminder to stay away from Canadian geese, if you ask us. You don't want to ruffle any feathers.

A Fishing Rod, Etc.

Meanwhile, Cambridge, Ontario MP Bryan May shared this notice from the Public Health Agency of Canada ahead of the Victoria Day weekend as marinas got the green light to reopen.

It advised the public to stay one fishing rod apart. If you don't have a rod to hand, they helpfully provided alternatives. If you're wondering, one rod apparently equals half a canoe or 1.5 wakeboards.

Meanwhile, In Alberta...

OK, so this isn't in Ontario, but we thought it's worth noting that over on the prairies, they do things a little differently.

We're not sure the buffalo measurement translates in the 6ix, really. Try raccoons instead!

So there you go. Don't say you're learning nothing while school's out!