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SodaStream Has An Important Message This Earth Day While Everyone's At Home

There is a silver lining to everyone practicing social distancing.
SodaStream Has An Important Message This Earth Day While Everyone's At Home

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Over the past few months, the world we've all known took a surprising turn. While we're all staying indoors, and all our favourite stores and activities are temporarily shut down, there is a silver lining to everyone practicing physical distancing.

We've all seen clear waters in Venice, thousands of endangered sea turtles laying eggs on empty beaches, and the clearing of heavy smog in industrial cities. As everyone is taking a break to stop the spread of the current pandemic, the world has been slowly healing itself. It’s amazing to watch!

This is a part of the message everyone's favourite DIY sparkling water brand, SodaStream, wants to share this Earth Day. In fact, they've created a special tribute during the COVID-19 crisis by releasing an emotional video showing the importance of caring for our planet, especially while practicing physical distancing.

Just because everyone is currently staying indoors as much as possible doesn't mean we can't protect our environment. Adjusting our at home routine to be more sustainable can have a dramatic impact on our planet's future. The SodaStream video shares this important key message in their video campaign: "We need to stay at home to overcome this, and once we do, let's make sure we take better care of the planet — our home".

If you've never heard of SodaStream and you work hard to be environmentally friendly, you'll want to check out this brand. In fact, one SodaStream bottle can reduce up to 2,000 single-use plastic bottles. And with their closed loop business model, this brand is putting the environment first.

That's why SodaStream is the leading sparkling water brand; their mission is to save the planet by replacing thousands of single-use bottles. Honestly, they're environmentally sustainable, simple to use, and cost-effective. What sparkling-water-enthusiast wouldn't love this brand?

SodaStream uses a unique sparkling water maker, containing a CO2 cylinder and a BPA-free or glass bottle, to create sparkling water and flavoured sparkling water.

There are a ton of flavours available too, like lemonade, cola, iced tea, root beer, and more!

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While they're already super friendly towards the environment, SodaStream plans to continue its mission of helping the planet by adding a few more goals. For one, they plan to save the use of about 67 billion bottles globally by 2025.

To help achieve this goal, they're actually switching all their flavour bottles from plastic to metal. They estimate this alone will save another 200 million single-use plastic bottles over the next five years.

To add on to the switch from plastic to metal bottles, SodaStream is also building renewable energy sources for its main factory, including the solar panels that were already installed on the factory's roof this year. These solar panels provide 5% of the company's energy, and they're hoping to reach 20% by 2021. You go, SodaStream!

Speaking of SodaStream's commitment to environmental safety, the brand also made some progress in 2019. This includes the fact that Canadian SodaStream users replaced almost 300 million single-use plastic bottles last year alone.

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Although SodaStream has done the world a lot of good, remember their main message for Earth Day 2020: even while in quarantine, we must continue to do what we can to help the environment for future generations.

A few ways you can do this at home are to reduce your amount of garbage and plastic use with items like glass or steel straws, reusable mugs and bottles, and cloth bags rather than plastic ones. Also, you can try reducing your amount of in-home energy and water usage by doing other activities like painting or reading and limiting your shower time.

With or without a SodaStream, we can all help this leading brand's mission in saving our planet!

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To learn more about SodaStream's mission, check out their website. You can find out more on their Instagram and Facebook too.