Some Air Canada Flights Cancelled After U.K. Bans Boeing 737 Planes

Some Air Canada flights that were heading to London have been cancelled in light of the recent U.K. ban of Boeing 737 Planes.
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Some Air Canada Flights Cancelled After U.K. Bans Boeing 737 Planes

In the wake of the Ethiopian Airline flight that crashed shortly after takeoff on Sunday, many have been questioning the safety and reliability of these planes. Several countries such as China, France, and Germany have opted to ground these aircrafts in light of the recent crash.  This morning, the U.K. also announced that they are banning the Boeing 737 planes and some Air Canada flights are being affected because of it. 

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On Sunday, the Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 plane crashed shortly after takeoff, killing all 158 passengers and staff that were on board. The crash claimed the lives of passengers from over 32 nationalities, including eighteen Canadians. 

This isn't the first time that a Boeing 737 has crashed. Five months prior another one of these aircraft crashed and killed nearly 190 people who were on board. In light of these two incidents, many have started to question the reliability of this plane and many countries have chosen to ground these aircrafts for the time being. 

Air Canada made an announcement earlier thisweek that they will not be grounding the Boeing aircrafts. Westjet and Sunwing wing airlines also made this announcement. All airlines have ensured that these planes are completely reliable. 

However, not everyone agrees. The U.K. Civil Aviation Authority announced on Tuesday morning that it was banning all Boeing aircraft from their airspace for the time being. 

With 24 Boeing 737 aircraft on the route between Halifax and London, as well as St. John and London, Air Canada was forced to cancel these flights. Air Canada has cancelled four separate flights that are on route to London so far. 

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These flights include a Halifax to London flight that was expected to leave late this evening, as well as a variety of other flights for tomorrow, as well as Thursday. You can view the full listings here. 

In a statement that was released by Air Canada earlier today, the airlines promise that are working with affected customers to rebook them as quickly as possible. Those who have had their flight canceled will be changed to another date free of charge. 

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It is still unclear if other flights will also be affected by this ban. 

Source: Global News

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