Canadian’s have some of the highest priced phone plans on the planet, it’s almost enough for you to just buy a phone in a different country to use here.

Well, it turns out that’s exactly what some people have decided to do with phone plans from France.

Really, this is not a joke there are actually people doing this. 

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A post on Reddit comparing the price of phone plans in Canada, where it's beyond expensive, and France – where oh dear lord are they cheap – sparked a discussion in the comments from people who are actually using French phone plans now.

Canadian phone plans are so bad that it would really be cheaper for us all to just get French plans and pay the roaming fees.

We’d all actually save money that way because our bills are so high that even roaming charges are worth it. 

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One person even provided a link to a place to sign up, and get ready to have your socks knocked off at what the French are getting for their money.

One plan lists unlimited fixed calls, unlimited texting and 100 GB of data a month for just 19.99 Euros a month. That’s just $30.48 Canadian a month. 

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Why France, why?! You already have wine and the Eiffel Tower do you really need beyond cheap phones too?!! 

And some people are actually doing this, one person says, “my French plan also includes unlimited calls to anywhere in Canada, and they are still turning a profit for 31$/month.” 

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Another person says, “I also get unlimited calls and texts within Canada, plus the 25Gb roaming data, so that's everything I really need.”

As one obviously frustrated Canadian on Reddit said: “I’m in Canada and I pay $140 CAD for 10GBs... time to move to Europe!”