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Some Canadians Still Want Turks And Caicos To Become Canada's 11th Province

It looks like the 40-year-old dream of acquiring the Turks and Caicos as Canada's 11th province is still alive and well in 2018.

Despite the unlikelihood of the colonial dream actually becoming a reality, several Canadians still hold on to the hope that Canada could one day have its very own Hawaii. Until now, supporters are keeping the conversation going online in hopes that the idea will be considered once again:

I want warmth but moving to America is hard and scary so Canada needs to follow through on making Turks and Caicos the 14th province/territory

Turks and Caicos (or was it St Kitts?) floated the idea of joining Canada.Personally, I think that's a great idea.At least, until they are underwater and hit by the next mega-hurricane. But hey, we have @JustinTrudeau and not @realDonaldTrump !! *lol*

Any news about Turks and Caicos joining Canada?

#Greenland and the 'Turks and Caicos' should be part of CANADA.

“Yes, I think, nodding my head and sipping a rum punch, let’s annex this place.” -From a canadian journalist covering the idea of Canada acquiring Turks and Caicos

Do you think the US is the only place with nice weather?Canadians also flock to Turks and Caicos. They love our money there. Looking forward to it becoming a new Canadian province.

No mistake: Turks and Caicos. Actually private members bill, twice I think, to make them provinces so Canadians would have a "home"winter resort. They seemed amenable. Pops up every few years. Maybe third time lucky.

Canada is screwed. I wanna get off! Anytime is a good time for the Caribbean islands of Turks and Caicos join Canada as our 11th province. ...

Would still love for Turks and Caicos to be the 11th province of Canada. It’d be so amazing!

It all started in 1974 when NDP MP Max Saltzman first suggested the idea. He had introduced a private member's bill to the House of Commons which proposed the annexation of the Turks and Caicos island to make them a part of Canada.

Momentum for the idea grew substantially in 2014, when a resolution list was submitted to the NDP convention. It consisted of the campaign promise that an NDP federal government would make the islands "an affordable tourism industry for all Canadians."

A casual poll by Global News in 2016 also revealed that almost 95 per cent of voters (45,000 people) believed that Turks and Caicos should become Canada's 11th province:

Then, just last year, when Saskatchewan MP Erin Weir revived the debate by releasing a survey asking Canadians whether or not they would advocate the proposed acquisition of the islands. The survey was prefaced with an explanation that several Canadians "are dreaming right now of a tropical getaway," and that the idea had already been backed in the past by some members of parliament, including Conservative MP Peter Goldring.

"New Democrats Believe in: Engaging with the peoples and government of Turks and Caicos Islands, and the British government to have the Turks and Caicos Islands become Canada’s 11th Province,” the resoution read.

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Considering that thousands of Canadians flock to the Caribbean every winter to escape the snow and cold, it makes sense that the proposed annexation of Turks and Caicos would be widely well-received. But Robin Sears, a former NDP strategist, thinks it's a real far shot.

"One of the reasons the idea continues to be popular is because there is this thing called winter in Canada. But it ain’t going to happen."