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Someone Stole Three Trucks Full Of Canadian Goods And You'll Never Guess What Was Inside

You'll never believe what happened in a Montreal suburb last month. Police are asking for the general public to come forward if anyone has information on the stolen Canadian goods...

It was only last month when three trucks were stolen from a warehouse in Boucherville, Quebec. The Longueuil police are asking for the public's help regarding the serious matter. 

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They say that the thieves entered a warehouse in the Boucherville district on March 12th and stole three trucks full of beer, dried beef and Jack Link's pepperoni. Wait, what?!

Yes, they stole half of a million dollars worth of beer, beef and pepperoni. 😂 

Officials say that the thieves stole nearly 20,000 cases of Grolsch brand beer. 

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The trucks were later found empty in Montreal.

Officials are also alleging that the thieves have approached various business to sell their loot so business owners should be wary of thieves selling these stolen goods.

Source: National Post