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Drake's Baby Mama Sophie Brussaux Just Got A Job In Toronto

Sophie announced her new position at Arts Help on Instagram last night.

Whether you're a big Drake fan or not, odds are good you can remember back to May of 2018, when our resident Canadian rapper brought his long-standing beef with Pusha T into the spotlight for all of us to revel in. Not only did the drama bring us some fire diss tracks, but it also broke the news that Drake was hiding a son from the world. The internet quickly uncovered who the baby mama is, but last we heard she and Drizzy weren't on great terms. Things may have changed though, because Sophie Brussaux, mother of Drake's baby is now working in Toronto.

Just last night, Brussaux took to Instagram to share the news of her new job. She'll be taking on the position of Artistic Director at Toronto's Arts Help, which describes itself as the "#1 creative community for artists, visual storytellers, and the new cultural economy".

She posted the above photos to Instagram, with a caption that reads, "An honor to be announced as @arts_helps artistic director. We spent months working days and nights, through time zones and jet lags, to bring you my solo exhibition 'Icons With A Purpose' at the Toronto Design Exchange Museum in partnership with @unhabitat Thank you @mocpr, James, @noem3, Daniel, Ali, @nanfray and everyone else in the ArtsHelp community who was so involved in this project. Thank you @designexchange for hosting us in your wonderful museum. I look forward to our future projects together ARTSHELP."

If you've done your research on Brussaux, you probably know that she is quite the art connoisseur, and she definitely has the credentials to take on her new job. What's quite interesting though, is the fact that Drake's group has direct connections with the museum where Brussaux's event was hosted.

Back in November of 2018, they actually hosted a release party event for Drake's creative director, Oliver El-Khatib. It's hard to say whether Drake had anything to do with Brussaux's new position, but one thing's for sure - the two will likely be seeing a lot more of one another now that she's working in the 6ix.

Brussaux and Drake have had a rocky relationship in the past - trying to co-parent in the public eye can't be easy. Lately, though, it seems as though they've made amends, and have been spending some time together - Drake was even kind enough to make Brussaux his VIP guest at a concert in Paris this March, so at least we know Adonis won't grow up without a dad.