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Sophie Grégoire Trudeau Just Donated Her Blood To A Canadian COVID-19 Study (PHOTO)

She donated blood plasma for research!
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Sophie Grégoire Trudeau Just Donated Her Blood To A Canadian COVID-19 Study (PHOTO)

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau is doing her part in the fight against COVID-19. In an Instagram post on Friday, she explained that she’d just donated convalescent plasma as part of a new COVID-19 study. Wearing her mask and gloves, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau also shared a photo of her experience.

After being one of the first people in Canada to be formally diagnosed with COVID-19, Justin Trudeau’s wife is now getting involved with Canadian research about the disease.

According to iPolitics, the activist and public speaker donated her blood on Friday night, as part of an “expansive Canadian study of whether or not antibody-carrying plasma from people who have recovered from COVID-19 can help patients still trying to overcome the illness.”

Posting about the experience on her own Instagram account, Grégoire Trudeau explained, “If you’ve been infected by COVID-19 and have fully recovered, know that you could make a difference by donating convalescent plasma for research on the virus.”

She also shared a photo of herself donating plasma at an undisclosed location. In the image, she can be seen rocking her face mask and gloves, and is giving a thumbs-up sign to her followers.

After sharing the details of her novel coronavirus diagnosis with the public in the past, it's hardly surprising that the mom-of-three is being so open with this next part of her COVID-19 journey.

Back in March, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau was one of the first people in Canada to be officially diagnosed with the disease, following a trip she took to the U.K.

Formally announcing his wife’s diagnosis on March 12, the Prime Minister went into self-isolation for two weeks.

In the weeks that followed, Trudeau confirmed in a press conference Grégoire Trudeau was feeling much better, and that he had not had any symptoms of COVID-19 himself.

After recovering from her COVID-19 experience, Grégoire Trudeau spoke openly about what it was like to have the disease.

"At that time, it was only beginning, so I knew a lot less than I know now," she explained in an interview with TVA's Ça va bien aller.

The former TV host admitted that the symptoms were a lot more “intense” than she’d initially expected, but added that she recovered quickly and was very fortunate.

The Prime Minister proved just how proud he is of his wife earlier this week, taking to Instagram to share a sweet anniversary message.


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