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Sophie Grégoire Trudeau Laughs It Off When People Call Her Husband A Fake Feminist

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau has always been outspoken about feminism and women in politics. In a recent interview, she shared her thoughts on women having to deal with societal structures. She also shared her thoughts on how it feels when people call her husband, the Prime Minister, a fake feminist. Apparently, Grégoire Trudeau thinks it is an untrue claim.

"I kind of laugh it off. If they only knew," Grégoire Trudeau said while speaking with Burnaby Now. "The criticism is always there in politics. When I go out and meet people, that's not what I hear at all."

Grégoire Trudeau also noted that most people who know her husband would also be familiar with his values. "The more harsh winds come your way, the more opportunities you get to show what you're made of and who you are," she told Burnaby Now.

Justin Trudeau has faced accusations in the past for being a fake feminist. A September 23 poll found that only 24% of Canadian women believe Trudeau to be a feminist. Similarly, Justin Trudeau was called a fake feminist on Twitter in March 2019 after his tweet on International Women's Day.

Grégoire Trudeau was asked specifically by Burnaby Now what policies have been enacted to help women. She responded by pointing out the balanced cabinet, pay equity, and a zero-tolerance harassment policy. She also noted the importance of the Ministry of Women, saying it was created "in order to provide resources focused on the advancement of women."

Grégoire Trudeau was being interviewed along with Burnaby South Liberal candidate Neelam Brar, and the two of them also took time to speak about encouraging women to engage in politics and run as candidates.

"I think you will see years coming forward where there are more women than men and there's nothing wrong with that" Brar told Burnaby Now. "It's critical that we encourage women and we know that it's possible for them to run."

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