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Sophie Grégoire Trudeau Posted A Snowboarding Video & Justin Trudeau Commented On It

He didn’t even comment on her post about their anniversary.
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Sophie Grégoire Trudeau’s Instagram About Snowboarding Got A Comment From Her Hubby

There’s nothing like a good snowboarding video to get the Prime Minister’s attention. Sophie Grégoire Trudeau’s Instagram post about snowboarding actually got commented on by Justin Trudeau. The Prime Minister rarely comments on Instagram so he must’ve really loved the video he took of his wife.

On December 13, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau shared a video on Instagram of her snowboarding down a hill from the first snowfall in a flashback Friday post.

The video shows her going down a hill on a snowboard that doesn’t have any straps on it. Even with nothing to keep her feet in place she manages to make it all the way down and even gives two thumbs up during the run.

"Found my hubby’s 1980s snowboard with no bindings and nailed it down the hill! Fun!" Grégoire Trudeau captioned the post.

After she jumps off the board at the bottom of the hill, the video pans to Justin Trudeau as he turns the camera on himself and gives a goofy smile.

While the Prime Minister didn’t even comment on her post about their anniversary back in May, in a rare moment he actually commented on his wife’s latest video.

"Fingers crossed for more snow this year," Trudeau wrote.

He’s probably super proud of his camerawork or he just really loves his wife and snowboarding.

Even though Trudeau commenting on an Instagram post is a rarity, him and Grégoire Trudeau are no stranger to spending time outdoors doing fun activities with their family.

No matter what season it is, the couple loves to get outside and get active with their three kids.

They both post photos to Instagram of their family adventures whether it be skiing, snowboarding, playing at the park or surfing. Grégoire Trudeau’s Instagram is the place to go for the most photos of the family though.

She and her kids have gotten pretty used to living their lives in the spotlight that comes with being the Prime Minister’s family. 

Trudeau and Grégoire Trudeau could easily keep aspects of their life private but lucky for us they choose to share adorable family moments with Canadians. 

Before the two got married and had kids and long before Trudeau because Prime Minister, the two had a hilarious meet-cute.

They actually knew each other as children as Grégoire Trudeau was classmates with Trudeau’s youngest brother Michel.

As adults the two reconnected in 2003 but it didn’t go so smoothly.

Trudeau actually left his future wife on read, or the 2003 version of leaving someone on read, when she emailed him to say she enjoyed meeting him.

Later that same year they ran into each other by chance and Trudeau asked Grégoire Trudeau out to which she said if he really wanted to go out with her he’d actually respond to her email from earlier in the year.

With their 15 year wedding anniversary coming up in May 2020, let’s hope that these two crazy kids continue to share their love on Instagram for us all to see.

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