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Sophie Turner Just Gave Away Where Her Wedding To Joe Jonas Is Going To Be

You'll never guess where it's going to be.
Sophie Turner Just Gave Away Where Her Wedding To Joe Jonas Is Going To Be

Sophie Turner may have just closed a chapter of her life after the finale of Game of Thrones but she’s just opened a new one with her husband Joe Jonas. The two may already be married, but they’re definitely planning a big reception with their friends and family. On the Graham Norton Show, Sophie Turner gave away where her wedding to Joe Jonas is going to be.

The news of their whirlwind ceremony a few weeks ago didn't stay quiet for long after Diplo went live on Instagram during their vows. The two eloped at a chapel in Las Vegas after the Billboard Music Awards. The couple had been dating since 2016 and have been engaged since 2017. He was the final Jonas brother to tie the knot and this could not have been more different than his brother Nick Jonas’ 2 (3?) wedding ceremonies to actress Priyanka Chopra. We kind of love it!

Joe revealed on the Late Late Show that the two would still be celebrating their nuptials with a big party. He jokingly commented that it would "definitely be smaller than Nick's".

After the confirmation of a wedding reception, fans have been wondering when and where this reception would take place. Sophie came to deliver that info and it was kind of an accident. 

During her interview on The Graham Norton Show, with fellow X-Men co-stars, the topic of her wedding reception was brought up. Naturally, Sophie reacted suspiciously and gave nothing away. Norton playfull took a wild guess and said that her wedding would be in France on July 15th. He didn't get the response he expected. 

Sophie praised him for his guessing skills and said, "You're not far off!" However, the conversation was left with no answer leaving everyone wanting more information. Was this a confirmation of both the location and the date? After all, it was rumoured that their wedding would take place in France before they eloped in Vegas. 

It seems like we'll just have to wait until July 15th for any sort of confirmation.