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Sorry, Manitoba: You've Been Ranked As The Province With The Worst Winters In Canada

In a totally non-scientific ranking, Manitoba topped the list of provinces with the worst winters in Canada. X92.9, a radio station in Calgary, was inspired to create theranking from a Thrillist article that did the same for all 50 U.S. states.

Their ranking of Canada's provinces from best to worst winters were as follows: 8) British Columbia, 7) Ontario, 6) Quebec, 5) Atlantic Provinces 4) Alberta, 3) The Territories, 2) Saskatchewan, and 1) Manitoba.

Google seems to agree with their #1 pick, linking people to a scientific report claiming Winnipeg as the coldest Canadian city:

According to the, Winnipeg, Manitoba ranks first when it comes to having the lowest average seasonal temperatures. They also mention how it is the one Canadian city that drops to -30 degrees C most often and is the least likely to have a day above freezing during the winter.

Following Winnipeg in the ranking of Canadian cities with the coldest winter climates are: 2) Saguenay, Quebec, 3) Regina, Saskatchewan, 4) Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, 5) Thunder Bay, Ontario, 6) Sudbury, Ontario, 7) Quebec City, Quebec, 8) Trois Rivieres, Quebec, and 9) Edmonton, Alberta.

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