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South Carolina Oakwood Cemetery Is One Of The Creepiest In The State

Summer is for traveling, but that usually means heading to places like the beaches and state parks, or something a little more exciting like a theme park. But for fans of everything spooky, there's one spot that you can visit to feel a real fright. If you really want to spice up your adventures, you might want to add exploring the creepy South Carolina Oakwood Cemetery to the list.

Oakwood Cemetery, or Hell's Gate as local legend calls it, is located in Spartanburg and is considered one of the most haunted cemeteries in the entire state.

It's Spartanburg's oldest graveyard, dating back to the late 1800s.

You might notice how well kept the cemetery is as you begin to walk through it, but once you start getting into the back, you'll see why it got the nickname Hell's Gate.

Behind a treeline in the back is Potter's Field, which is filled with unmarked graves. Many people laid to rest here were orphaned children, had no families or were too poor to afford a proper burial throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.

When 1914 hit, reportedly over 100 graves and bodies were relocated to Oakwood so the city could make room for a new development. This might have disturbed some souls in the process.

According to visitor legends, there have been reports of cell phones dying upon entry and not being able to make calls while exploring the location.

Some have even claimed to see an apparition that they call The Lady in White, unexplainable mists, sensations of cold blasts, as well as feeling ill while making their way back out of the cemetery.

One visitor on Facebook explained, "This place is scary af! I didn't see anything but I felt the mother's pain. I had two mediums in my group that kept seeing the lady in white who's small son died in the cemetery. I could feel her pain. I was sweating out of breath and sick..."

Youtube videos from paranormal hunters and visitors detail what they saw and experienced during their time in the graveyard.

This might give you some insight on what to expect and see if you're really ready to experience what Hell's Gate holds.

While no one can really say for sure if this place is haunted or not, you might just have to go explore to find out for yourself. You may even find some orbs floating in the photos you capture of your visit.

Oakwood Cemetery/Hell's Gate

Price: Free

Address: 182 Oakwood Ave., Spartanburg, SC

Why You Need To Go: South Carolina's oldest cemetery is said to have some spooky occurrences and you can go find out for yourself. 

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