South Carolinians Can Get A Stimulus Check For $800 & There's Still Time To Quality

If you were affected by Hurricane Ian, this could apply to you.

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A street with buildings in Charleston, SC.

A street with buildings in Charleston, SC.

South Carolina residents can get a relief check from the government and there is still time for taxpayers to sign up. In June, the state's Department of Revenue announced a $1 billion tax rebate plan, which essentially is a partial refund.

The plan promised to return up to $800 into the pockets of taxpayers who filed their tax returns before mid-October 2022.

While the first deadline has since passed, there is a second deadline for those affected by Hurricane Ian. Here's everything you need to know about receiving a stimulus check in the Palmetto State.

Is South Carolina getting a stimulus check in 2022?

The S.C.D.O.R.'s plan states that any citizen who files their 2021 SC Individual Income Tax will qualify for the 2022 refunds.

If you filed by the October 17 deadline, the funds are in the process of being sent out either by mail or direct deposit. It could take until December 31, for the coin to show up in your possession.

Also, you still might have an opportunity to cash in on the opportunity if you missed the fall deadline. The IRS' emergency tax relief pushed a second deadline to February 15, for those affected by Hurricane Ian and qualified for one.

How much is the South Carolina rebate check 2022?

There is an $800 cap on the rebate checks being sent to South Carolinians, according to the S.C.D.O.R.

"The amount of your tax liability is determined by the amount of Individual Income Tax you owe, minus any credits," the website states.

Basically, you can find out what you're owed right now instead of waiting for the end of the year. You can calculate your liability shown on your form and subtract it from any credits you might have.

If the number is over $800, you'll receive the maximum funds. Any amount under that will gain exactly the price calculated.

Who is eligible for the SC tax rebate?

​Any citizen of the southern coastal state who received a "tax liability" amount on their 2021 tax return document qualifies for the cashback.

Those who wish to file for the second deadline through the disaster relief extension can do so simply by submitting their payments and documents through the online portal.

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