South Korea Found A Loophole Way To Get Canadians To Play On Their Olympic Hockey Team And The Story Is Just Wild

With the Olympics back and hockey being one of the most talked about sports right now comes some pretty astonishing details about South Korea's own team. While South Korea has never really been a country to talk about when it comes to hockey, they've been in the spotlight more than usual this year specifically because of who is on their team. Right now six Canadians are on the South Korean men's hockey team for this year's Olympics and had been playing professional hockey in the country beforehand. How exactly is this possible? Well, they're Korean born and citizens of the country. 

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These six players (and their Canadian coach) come from all sorts of hockey backgrounds, but all grew up in Canada playing hockey just like your favourite Canadian born stars Sidney Crosby and Connor Mcdavid. Though the difference for them is that instead of taking the worldwide stage to represent Canada, their supporting South Korea. 

While interviewing with CBC, some of the Canadian raised players and even their coach reflected on their hockey careers and their accomplishments are pretty astonishing. Their coach and former player, Jim Paek, actually played on two Stanely cup winning teams while he was in the lineup for the Pittsburgh Penguins as the first Korean-born player in the NHL. So it's clear the team is a force to be reckoned with this time around. 

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Though the Canadian born players say there is a pretty big difference between hockey in South Korea versus Canada. Noting that one of the major differences was that while South Korean players were insanely fast, they lacked the skill you see in Canada, which probably has to do with the increased amount of competition here in the North. Though the players note that their coach, helped turn the team into a roster of Olympic contenders fit to face the rest of the world in this year's games. 

Source: CBC