Depending on where you're from, you could have your own language and not even realize it. Texans are especially guilty of this and have fallen victim to stereotype after stereotype thanks to their unique Texan slang words and phrases.

If you're not from the Lone Star State, but plan on visiting or moving here at some point, you're going to need to understand a few basic terms and sayings before arriving. We've gathered a list of nine Texas slang phrases to help understand the southern accents you'll only hear in Texas.


Definition: The combination of the words You and All. Refers to two or more people.

Used In A Sentence: Are y'all coming two-stepping with us tonight?

How 'Bout Them Cowboys

Definition: The Dallas Cowboys football team is doing something positive.

Used In A Sentence: Did you see the game last night? How 'bout them Cowboys!


Definition: A classic Texan greeting, used to say "hi or "hello" to someone.

Used In A Sentence: Howdy, Jolene!

Bless Your Heart

Definition: Wishing well on someone, especially if they've done something that lacks intelligence.

Used In A Sentence: I heard you fell off your ladder taking down Christmas decorations! Bless your heart, Sally.


Definition: Is not.

Used In A Sentence: That ain't how you ride a horse, Bonnie!

I'm Fixin' To...

Definition: Getting ready to go somewhere or do something.

Used In A Sentence: I'm fixin' to head out to the grocery store soon, y'all need anything?


Definition: You would have.

Used In A Sentence: Y'all'dve thought I was crazy for walking up to pet that ferocious-looking dog!


Definition: Mosquitos, or sometimes other bugs.

Used In A Sentence: Those nasty skeeters bit me while I was fishing last night.

This Ain't My First Rodeo

Definition: This isn't my first time doing something, going somewhere, etc.

Used In A Sentence: I can handle hosting the family BBQ. This ain't my first rodeo!