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If you're not left-handed, you may not know that today, August 13, is International Left-Handers Day! The day, marked annually, celebrates the uniqueness of southpaws everywhere. It also raises awareness of the everyday issues that lefties face as they journey through a world designed for right-handers. Sure, it may not be a top-tier holiday, but to the thousands of left-handers out there, it's a day to celebrate overcoming the challenge of being different. 

As any lefty knows, being left-handed in a right-handed world is hard. They need to demonstrate resourcefulness and resilience to do pretty much anything a rightie takes for granted: Using scissors, writing with ink, playing sports, learning the guitar, writing in spiral notebooks, using can openers. Need we say more? 

One Canadian company in particular is inspired by the many obstacles lefties face and, in celebration of International Left-Handers Day, they're having a massive site-wide sale for all lefties (and righties)!

Southpaw Era, a new Canadian lifestyle brand, offers a range of streetwear  and apparel accessories not just for left-handed people, but for the aspiring entrepreneurs, athletic hopefuls, and up-and-coming artists who need to be resourceful and resilient to overcome challenges on their journey towards success. Essentially, they're a brand for the underdog spirit in all of us! And to celebrate all of Canada's southpaws, left-handers, and success hopefuls, they're offering 40% off side-wide.

Southpaw Era, 01633-AXS, NarCan

Items included in the sale range from leggings and hoodies to t-shirts and sweatpants. We're talking everything - even tank tops, duffle bags, and hats.

With every purchase, Southpaw Era donates $2.00 to a charity, and for International Left-Handers Day, the company will be increasing its donation amount of each sale to $5.00 to support Covenant House Toronto, Canada’s largest agency serving at-risk, homeless, and trafficked youth. 

Southpaw Era, 01633-AXS, NarCan

Whether you’re headed to the gym, workplace, school or anywhere else, Southpaw's t-shirts, joggers, hoodies, and hats balance comfort with style, so that you can proudly showcase your commitment to working twice as hard on your journey! 

For more information, and to purchase any product for 40% off with $5.00 donated to Covenant House Toronto, check out Southpaw Era's website, Facebook, and Instagram!