Steve Carell’s New Netflix Show Trailer Is Here & It’s Unlike Anything On TV Right Now

He's the world's best boss, yet again!
Space Force Trailer

The world’s best boss is at it again! Ever since Steve Carell’s new project with Netflix was announced, people have been anxiously awaiting to see the Space Force trailer. After months of waiting, it’s finally here and the show looks like it will be everything we dreamed of.

In the brand new Netflix original, Carell plays General Mark Naird, a decorated pilot who has big dreams of one day running the U.S. Air Force.

When the President of the United States makes the announcement that he wants to add a sixth branch to the U.S. Armed Forces, Mark also finds out that he’s been tasked as leading the new project.

Unfortunately for Mark, this project isn’t everything he dreamed it would be—POTUS wants him to help create a Space Force that will defend the country from any threats that loom in the galaxy. Although he is reluctant, Mark agrees to the task and moves his family out to a remote base in the city of Colorado.

As he steps into this new role, Mark is introduced to an eccentric team of scientists and astronauts as they work together to prepare to make human contact with the moon and achieve “total space dominance”.

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Besides Carell, Space Force has an incredibly stacked cast including Lisa Kudrow (Friends), Jane Lynch (Glee), John Malkovich (The New Pope), Ben Schwartz (Sonic the Hedgehog), Diana Silvers (Booksmart), and Tawny Newsome (Brockmire), among others.

According to Deadline, Carell revealed that the premise for the Netflix original came about in a pretty unusual way.

“Netflix had this premise that they thought might make a funny show - the idea made everybody laugh in a meeting, an idea of a show about the origins of a fictitious Space Force,” the actor said.

"I heard about the idea through my agent, and Netflix pitched the show to me, and then I pitched the show to Greg, and we all had the same reaction to it. There was no show, there was no idea aside from the title.”

“And it was really based on nothing, except this name that made everybody laugh. So we were off and running.”

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Many other highly anticipated shows and movies will be making their way onto the streaming service this month including season three of Dynasty, The Lovebirds, Control Z, and The Wrong Missy, among others.

All 10 episodes of Space Force will be available for streaming on Netflix as of Friday, May 29. You can check out the hilarious teaser trailer for the series below.