'Speaking Moistly' Lip Balm Is A Thing In Canada & Yes It Will Help Keep Your Lips Moist

It looks like Canada's not going to let Trudeau forget this one.
'Speaking Moistly' Lip Balm Is For Sale In Canada & It Will Help Keep Your Lips ... Moist
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Just when the Prime Minister thought we may have all forgotten about his infamous “speaking moistly” moment, the internet is proving him wrong. You can now buy speaking moistly lip balm in Canada, and it’s all for a good cause. After all, you can't speak moistly with dry lips! 

If there was one standout moment for Justin Trudeau during the whole COVID-19 pandemic, it’s probably going to be his “speaking moistly” speech.

During his daily briefing on April 7, the Prime Minister was asked a question about face coverings in Canada, and he gave a response that he instantly regretted.

"It protects others more than it protects you because it prevents you from breathing or speaking moistly on them," he said.

Since then, “speaking moistly” has become somewhat iconic, particularly after an incredibly catchy song was created.

Now, one local Ontario business is getting involved in the moistness, and they’ve created a special lip balm dedicated to the infamous quote.

Last month, Painted People Tattoo Company launched their speaking moistly lip balm, and they’re donating a percentage of the proceeds to their local food bank.

The product description on their website explains, “As an homage to our Canadian roots, and our fearless Prime Minister Trudeau speaking moistly to us Canadians not that long ago, we thought what could be a better name for our lip balm then that?!”

The website explains that the natural lip balm is handmade by the company’s co-owner, and says that almost all ingredients are locally sourced.

Additionally, there’s no artificial scents or flavorings. However, the description insists the lip balm is “so far from bland, it’s Canadian, damn it, aboot.”

You can order the Trudeau-inspired lip balm on the company's website, or by using curbside at one of their locations in Toronto and Burlington.

In a statement to Narcity, the company confirmed they've already sold 1,000 lip balms, resulting in more than $2,000 going to a local food bank.

This Ontario business isn't the only one to make the most out of the "speaking moistly" trend.

One Toronto-based, ska-rocksteady band created a new version of the speaking moistly song, and it even included the PM's iconic hair flip

In Ottawa, another company created a t-shirt dedicated to Trudeau's infamous phrase, and the quote has also inspired a number of memes, as well as a viral TikTok trend.

"For external use only, avoid moisturizing your eyes, and avoid speaking moistly without it," the Canadian company selling the lip balm reminds all customers.

Speaking Moistly Lip Balm

Price: $4.99

Why You Need It: If you'd like a little souvenir from this whole "speaking moistly" scenario, here you are! It's made from natural ingredients, some of the proceeds go to charity, and it's mega-Canadian. What more could you need?!

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