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You Can Buy Your Own Ghost Town In California & It's Cheaper Than A House

It's just a little spooky. 👻 🤠

When you think of abandoned cities, either post-apocalyptic conditions or dramatic cowboy showdowns come to mind. While those are two very different things, this spooky spot upstate somehow brings them both together. These ghost towns in California are actually for sale and you can buy them for less than the price of one house!

If 11-year-old you ever dreamed of owning your own town after playing countless hours of "SimCity," then this could be your big chance. 

It comes with a historic hotel, saloon, chapel, museum, and even all the artifacts inside the buildings. Cool, right?

There's just one catch. You need $1 million. Oh yeah, and it might be haunted.

Cerro Gordo is an abandoned mining town in Lone Pine, California and it looks like it's straight out of a classic western flick.

The sprawling once-upon-a-time city boasts over 300 acres of land and has twenty-two buildings on site. It probably also comes with a ghost or two.

Back in the day, it was the largest producer of silver and lead in California. So, what happened? 

For one, it was a super violent cowboy town. According to Business Insider, there was one murder per week. *gasps*

After silver prices plummeted and fire struck the city, a mass exodus began. 

This creepy city has been privately owned for decades until being snatched up a little over a year ago. According to the initial listing, "the site has been extremely well protected from diggers, artifact looters, and Mother Nature herself."

While this property was certainly a steal, there are quite a few other ghost towns in California on the market.

The entire city of Campo California is on the market for $6 million. It's not completely empty though since it's home to 100 people and has 28 intact buildings, including a small church and local post office.

However you choose to spend your cash, just remember that you could be the owner of a proud new city. Just some food for thought. *winks*

Cerro Gordo Mines

Price: $1 million

Address: Lone Pines, California

Description: This entire abandoned ghost town was sold for less than some southern California homes!

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