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Every year, we spend countless hours getting fit or staying in shape. Maybe for you that means hitting the gym five times a week, while for others it may mean scanning the grocery store for all things organic. Whichever way you prefer to move, we’re all about living by your own rules when it comes to wellness, and so is Sport Chek

In fact, this July, Sport Chek wants you to discover what moves you. They’re Canada’s health and wellness destination for all things fun and fitness, after all. And on July 3, you can join Sport Chek Move Makers in a series of interactive demonstrations to find what moves you. 

As part of the Move Makers initiative, there will be a series of fitness classes hosted by different “move makers,” each encouraging health and wellness. The day-long event will be held at Snell Hall, 65 Church Street, in Toronto, and will feature things like free yoga and high-intensity bootcamp classes. Plus, there'll also be free swag and a number of pop-up experiences, like a smoothie bar, a braid bar, and a customized bath-soak station!

Here's a more in-depth breakdown of what's in store:

12:00 - 1:30 PM: Tyson Bankert, founder of Recess Calgary, encourages participants to embrace their inner child while building community relationships through exercise and play. Think of capture the flag, flag football, mission impossible, and dodgeball. I mean, talk about some not-so-serious fun, am I right? So grab your friends or meet new ones ⁠— this event runs come rain or shine!

3:30 - 5:00 PM: Scarborough-based move maker and founder of Move N Improve, Sadaf Jamal, helps her students balance body, mind, and soul for total wellness. On July 3, Sadaf will focus on exercises that center the mind through meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises. And goodness knows us busy city folk could use a serious unwind! In other words: Count yourself in if you’re in a need of a breather.

6:00 - 8:00 PM: Louise Green, founder of the plus-size fitness brand Big Fit Girl, will be teaching a high-intensity boot camp and boxing class. With a focus on helping women find their inner athlete and loving their bodies, get ready for a serious (but totally fun, because obvi) butt-kickin’ workout sesh with Louise!

While each Move Makers class is free, you do have to register in advance before July 3. Spots are filling up quickly, so be sure to do just that in order to snag your spot, which you can do right here!

For more information on Move Makers going down this July 3, be sure to check out Sport Chek's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube pages!